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Article Index

CBL Evidence Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)*
CBL Clean Status
CBL Dirty Status

What happens after a report is submitted to The CBL? (Evaluation Process)
List of Report Reasons and the Required Evidence for Each Offense

How is a dispute filed? (Dispute Process)
When to File A Dispute

How to get Verified and FAQ
Dynamic Signature Generator
Verification--What it is all about

About CBL
List of Achievements
CBL Clean/Dirty Signature
CBL Affiliation
Affiliate Contact Network
Affiliate Guidelines

How-To and Support
Guide To Direct Links
High-Definition Video Upload Guide
Tech Support Guide (from Nexon forums)

  • Spanish translation available

Our Purpose

The CBL aims to provide an accurate, solid list of users who chose to hack or abuse bugs in Combat Arms. All reports are required to have attached evidence which is used to assess the validity of a claim. Reports are made by players, evaluated by staff members, and used by those same players to decide whether it is appropriate to play a match with someone or not. Should a player believe a decision on a report was invalid, he or she has the option to dispute that report.

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